Your exclusive identity

Sep 9, 2019 -- Posted by : Rob


Hello everyday, ordinary, unassuming guru seeking friends,

Might I offer you a page or two from my newest book (soon to be released)? It is longer than what I usually put on my blogs, but I believe for some of you it is exactly what you need to ponder today.


Well, now I say to you, “your exclusive identity, with all of its specialties, is waiting to strengthen in your personality so it might press itself outwardly.” When you do your thing, by embodying your uniqueness in your expressions, you express yourself with ease and contentment.  

Just knowing why you are here lifts you on strong wings, high above any small view you may be holding of yourself. Furthermore, when you act from the truth about your good and beautiful nature, you experience cherished moments of personal intimacy that prompt more and more transparency. That’s when you place yourself on the edge of your comfort zone, eager to step over the line, revealing more and more of yourself with increased frequency. 

You are good and beautiful in unimaginable ways. 
You sow that seed of truth by fully releasing yourself into life. 
When you partake in spontaneous improvisation, 
you’re dancing in the spirit of self-manifestation, 
and you’re revealing yourself in astonishing ways.
When you express yourself from this position, 
you show up on the planet like a meteor,
a unique entity from another galaxy,
offering your one-of-a-kind flare.  

If you are not sure what to do with what you’re reading right now – relax. It’s like trying to remember the dance steps to your favorite song of a thousand lifetimes ago. Lighten up; it will come to you.

Hear ye, hear ye! 
The purpose of life is to enjoy life. 
You enjoy life by enjoying yourself.
You enjoy yourself when you expand yourself. 

Place that message in the center of your heart. Go wild! Go on a hot streak of spontaneous expressions so you may experience your greatest joy for living. Living joyously is simply a matter of opening yourself to new ways of being yourself with everything you do

You live for spontaneous expression 
when you’re living from spontaneous expression. 
And when you live from spontaneous expression, 
your experiences are delightful beyond contemplation. 
Your creative energy and the energy of the creating cosmos 
are in exquisite harmony when you choose to live creatively. 
That’s when you experience a new brand of power, 
the same power found in a blossoming flower 
that’s revealing its beauty and fragrance to the world. 
That power of natural expression is a power with no opposition. 
Consequently, you experience a feeling of buoyant vibrancy 
that brings you to full blossom.

To live with full integrity, in all your majesty, is to take complete responsibility for expressing your authenticity. Responsibility is not to be confused with blame. It’s a very productive energy when used rightly. 

It is ebulliently encouraging to probe deeper within yourself. Never spare yourself when you feel that calling. Even a small eagerness to uncover a talent that is fresh and new can become the beginning of a great new discovery for you. Grant permission to that eagerness and you will set your inquiring nature ablaze with curiosity, which rouses you to dip ever deeper into your bottomless well of immeasurable capacities. 

What precious treasure awaits to blossom from within you? Only you can fashion yourself in ways that allows that blossoming. All of this you do when you put on display, for the universe to see, your unique individuality.   

Is your logically thinking mind trying to make hay of what you are reading? It’s only when your logical standard of thinking ends that your extraordinary imagination kicks in. 

Don’t Look to the Past

Logical thinking lacks imagination because it looks to the past for answers. How can you rely on your past to give you an innovative tomorrow? Can’t! When you reach beyond your accustomed repertoire of answers, you transcend your logical reasoning. That’s when you have access to your creative imagination and are free to express yourself in your own artistic fashion. 

You can be certain that when your responses today are merely repeated demonstrations of yesterday’s logic, you’re a machine, churning out the same old stuff again and again. Consequently, your hidden beauty remains hidden. This part of the UU helps you to right your sight so you can live your life without feeling uptight. 

You are a flowing sea of unseeable possibility. 
The deeper you dip into that sea, 
that much more of you flows outwardly 
for the whole world to see. 
Your beauty naturally dances within you. 
Sometimes it drifts out softly. 
Sometimes it leaps out joyfully. 

Of one thing you can be certain: 
your beauty always adds light 
to any shadows found in life. 

When you allow what is dancing inwardly to jump out joyfully, what makes this even more enticing is your new expressions become catalysts for revitalizing even more of what is hidden. 

Blessings & love to all of you, Rob


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