Yes, you’re superman with a super-mind

May 1, 2019 -- Posted by : Rob


Hello everyday, ordinary, unassuming guru seeking friends,

Guru Spotting

… Hi Rob, here’s one for you. My uncle would tell me, “It’s impossible to play a new sport without experiencing yourself in a new way.” He wanted me to join the hockey team, which I was opposed to. I loved football and baseball. He was right about that. I joined the team and loved hockey, and I loved who I was as a hockey player. My uncle is my unassuming guru.  Thank you for putting this in your blog, if you do, Zander…

WOW, what a perfect piece of marvelous advice your unassuming guru uncle gave you, Zander. Thank you for sharing that.


A Question

Hi Mr. White

Thank you for coming to Bentley University to speak. You mentioned that we are all supermen with super-minds. I liked that idea. How can I get that for me personally?

Thank you for helping me with this, Woodrow S.

Hi Woodrow,

When I say you are superman (superwoman), I am claiming that your potential is limitless. It is. It is immeasurable. But you have to have to test it to prove it. If you sit under a tree in the shadows, you’ll never prove it. Proving it requires climbing to the top of the tree and trying things you never tried before.

When I say you are super-minded, I am referring to your superlatively creative capacity to take your life far beyond what your programmed mind can ever imagine.

To know your superman (superwoman) potential and your super-mind qualities requires experiencing them. You’ll never get there with words alone. When you make your imaginal acts actual facts you quickly begin to understand your superbly powerful nature. And to do that, you have to take risks … and know you’re going to fail. But the failure feels differently this time. You’re failing your way forward because your opening your consciousness to your super-mind.

Your “everyday way of seeing things” will never take you to those lofty aspirations you dream of achieving. Your comfort zone is your dead zone. Really! When you’re stuck in your comfort zone you are part of the living dead, just roaming through life aimlessly. Like zombies! Accessing your super-mindedness and your limitless potential requires you DO, Woodrow, don’t waste a lot of time thinking about it.

Blessings & Joy to you Woodrow,  Rob


Hey folks,

What may be one thing different that you could do to prove to yourself that you are super-minded? What new behavior would take you out of your mechanical way of living? What if you were to step out of your “memorized self’ and just go for it; what would the “it” be? When you break out of your conditioned state of being, you venture into the unknown. That’s when your life begins.

Love & joy to all of you, Rob

Ps  It’s your willingness to come out of your world and into the unknown that gives you your peak experiences of your unlimitedness.


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