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May 22, 2019 -- Posted by : Rob


Hello everyday, ordinary, unassuming guru seeking friends,

………“The more you learn the game, the less you fear the game.” My wrestling coach would tell us that before every wrestling meet.” It helped me take the nervousness out of the sport. Coach Stevens has passed on. I wish I could have told him that he was my unassuming guru, Mr. White. Thank you,  Conrad Mitchell …..

……… Nice, Conrad. Your coach offered a great tip for life. The more you learn the game of life, the less you fear life.” Thank you for that. Your coach knows you appreciate him. We’re all one, Conrad. And thank you, Rob


Hi Mr. White,

I spent four years going to nursing school. I spent a lot of my father’s money going to nursing school. When I graduated, I ran off with my college boyfriend to live on an island (Bahamas). I thought it would be a great adventure. It’s five years later. I’m home. I have a great job now. My parents have forgiven me. I feel happy and safe back here, and have met a great guy. Yet I still feel guilty for running off.

Just thought I’d run that by you, Denise

Hello Denise,

There’s a story from ancient times about a prince who decided to venture out beyond the castle walls without his father’s permission. Therefore, he did not have the usual guards to attend him. He began walking along the river’s edge for miles, then his curiosity beckoned him to leave the safety of the river’s edge and go deep into the forest.

Unfortunately, now that he did not have the river to guide him, he found himself confused and lost lost, knowing not which way to turn. “There has to be a way out,” thought the prince, and he immediately began looking for someone or something that may direct him. Suddenly, a voice from his inner guidance system said, “listen for the running water of the river.” He stood quietly. Eventually, he began to hear the running water at a distance and was able to find his way back to the river’s edge. The river led him back to the safety of the castle.

And so it is with you, Denise. You wandered from your comfortable life style. You were curious. But eventually you realized that you preferred to be back in the comfort of your community. It took you a while to return, but you have returned. What did you learn? What did you learn?

It all has a purpose if you give it purpose, Denise. Have you given your sojourn a purpose? Take time to see what there was, that was valuable to learn from taking this left turn into a new environment. Nothing is wasted if you look close enough.

Thank you for sharing, Denise. I appreciate your vulnerability. From it will come wonderful experiences. Fret not, and for heaven’s sake, “Do not feel guilty!” 

Blessings to you Denise, Rob


Hey folks

Have you ever taken a journey, found yourself lost, and wondered what happened? There is a blessing and a lesson in every journey, every miss-turn, every mistake we make. Life will have it no other way. If your life was perfect, you’d be bored. Love yourself. Love life. You can’t miss!

Love & blessings to all of you,  Rob

Ps  Like the prince in the forest, you have an inner compass to guide you always. Believe that is true, and it will never forsake you.


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