Power can be toxic to love

Aug 30, 2019 -- Posted by : Rob


Hello everyday, ordinary, unassuming guru seeking friends,


    ……….. “Your anger is an instinctive reaction. Cool your jets.” I cannot tell you how many times my father told me that as I grew up. I never paid attention. I ended up in legal trouble because I did not take his advice and “cool it”. Thank you, dad. You are my unassuming guru. Roger ………..

    ……….. And thank you Roger for acknowledging your dad in front of all of us. And thank you to your dad from me for that wonderful piece of wisdom …………..


Hi Rob,

All of my love affairs turn into power struggles. What’s that about?

Thank you for sharing your intelligence, Karen

Hi Karen,

Unfortunately, most folks relinquish their power to attain love. In your case, you let go of your points of view to get that special person to love you. Then you resent what you did and come back with your point of view like a raging lioness. 

You are giving yourself up for love when you give up your point of view. Never do that. You won’t get true love that way.  You can love someone who thinks differently than you AND you can maintain your point of view. Don’t make it a “Who’s right” game. Allow it to be a love affair. 

Blessings to you Karen, Rob


Hi folks,

Enough of this nonsense! Even with your children, learn to allow them to have their say in the matter. Perhaps it is important to show them the error of their ways, but don’t make it a “right wrong game”. That game excludes the precious sentiment of love, Aye?

Blessings & love to all of you, Rob

Ps  Place yourself in authority when it comes to you. But be cautious of taking on that position when it comes to friends and family. That is not a loving position; it’s a power position, which can quickly lead to problems.


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Power can be toxic to love

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You are giving yourself up for love when you give up your point of view.…