Mastery requires committing to Excellence

Sep 6, 2019 -- Posted by : Rob


Hello every day, ordinary, unassuming guru seeking friends,


   ……….. I have a cactus plant that was totally dead, I thought. Wow, it has come back to life and has a beautiful cactus flower. “Never give up.” That’s what my cactus guru has taught me…. Tyrone

    ……….  You should be writing this blog, Tyrone. That is so perfect. Thank you for sharing that with us……Rob


Hi Mr. White,

My name is Kim Oberlin. I want to become a concert violinist. What would you give me for a tip to help me achieve that kind of mastery?

Thank you very much, Kim Oberlin

Hi Kim

No one achieves mastery in anything until he or she commits to excellence. Seeking mastery while being satisfied with mediocrity is insanity. 

Seeking excellence means forever correcting what you’re doing so you can take it to the next level. And this requires a level of unrestrained consistency. That’s it, Kim, that is what you will have to do if you expect to master anything, including the violin.

Blessings to you Kim, Rob


Hi folks,

What have you mastered? Perhaps it’s making the perfect cup of coffee? If you have mastered one thing, then can you can master a thousand other things. What’s next for you? That’s a great question to take with you today.

Blessings & love to all of you, Rob

Ps Mastery requires an orderly mind; another topic for another time.


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