For heaven’s sake, take off the costume

May 17, 2019 -- Posted by : Rob


Hello everyday, ordinary, unassuming gurus

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……….“If you don’t like what your friends are doing, walk away.” My mother would say that to me in my teenage years because I hung around with a shady crowd. I can see the value of that now.  She is my everyday guru even today, Mr. White………..

………….I love that simple, but profound message, Quela. What a great gift your mom (the unassuming guru) is to you. Always walk away when you catch yourself thinking in a negative way or acting in a negative way. Yes, walk away. Thank you……

What ordinary guru has passed your way lately? They are everywhere. Pay attention!



Hi Mr. White,

My mother reads your blogs. Sometimes she reads one to me and we talk about it as it applies to my life. Here’s my question. I try very hard to be liked, and I feel awkward because a lot of the time I feel like I’m being a phony. Can you explain that?

Thank you Mr. White, Diane May

Hello Diane,

Your mother is a great everyday guru for you, isn’t she? I love that she has you ask, “What’s this got to do with me” when she shares a blog I’ve written with you. Now, down to your inquiry.

Imagine you’re invited to a Halloween party, and you assume you’re supposed to wear a costume. You arrive in a costume, but immediately you feel awkward because you’re the only one in a costume. Well, Diane, when you show up at a gathering of friends pretending to be someone you’re not, you immediately feel awkward, especially if they are all being genuine and sincere about who they are. Right? Now you know why. You’re not being your natural self. Give that some thought.

Blessings to you Diane, Rob


Hi folks

When have you tried to impress someone with who you are? When have you exaggerated the facts about yourself to look good? Do you remember feeling awkward because you knew what you’d presented really wasn’t true? When you are the “true you” it is real easy to feel comfortable because it’s natural.

For heaven’s sake, never sell your soul to look good, never think life is about impressing others. When you do that you are betraying yourself. Never betray yourself. You have to live with yourself your entire lifetime – “to thine own self be true”. Old Will Shakespeare gave us that one.

Blessings & love to all of you, Rob

PS Loving yourself – your true self – isn’t vanity, it’s absolute sanity.


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