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May 10, 2019 -- Posted by : Rob


Hello everyday, ordinary, unassuming guru seeking friends,

Guru Spotting

…. Hi Rob, my high school English teacher would tell me that I am only really successful when I am happy. Mrs. Thompson must have told me that a dozen times my senior year. It only took me two decades to get the truth of it. She’s one of my favorite unassuming gurus. Thank you, Melissa.

That’s a great one Melissa. Yes, indeed, Mrs. Thompson was a top-notch everyday guru for you. Thank you for sharing, Rob



Hi Rob

            Love your “And Then I Met Margaret” book. A lot of great insights in it for me. Thank you. My problem is that I get stuck with a lot of old thoughts that stop me from moving forward with my goals even though I read a lot of new books. How do I curb my thinking habits?

Thank you, Stephanie,

Hi Stephanie,

You hold the Power of Intervention as your secret weapon anytime you need it. You can intervene on any habitual “thought theme” that is harmful to your growth and development. You need not think what you’ve always “Thunk”. You have the freedom to intervene! You can insist on seeing things differently and begin immediately training your brain to think from a new box of thoughts. Yes, you can do that.

You are able to advance confidently toward the manifestation of your dreams when you consciously choose thoughts that support you new aspirations. It begins by tossing out those thoughts that have you feeling limited. Simply deny the lies they are offering you. When you deny the truth of your self-limiting thoughts, you create a vacuum. Replace those lies with the truth or the old thoughts will come rushing back. The immutable truth about you is this, Stephanie: “You are marvelously made and destined to win at whatever you set your mind to.” Remind yourself of that constantly.

Blessings to you Stephanie, Rob


Hey folks,

What thought-stream is hampering your progress toward a happier, healthier life? What old thought habits must you intervene on. If you’re going to grow, you must toss out those self-limiting beliefs that hamper you from being all that you are here to be. And you must replace those beliefs with the ultimate truth – you are one superlatively creative being … what will you do with that?

Blessings & love to all of you, Rob

PS Humans are like ships, turn the rudder in a different direction (think in a different manner), and the journey takes a new turn


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