The greatest inspirations

Sep 4, 2019 -- Posted by : Rob


Hello everyday, ordinary, unassuming guru seeking friends,


    ……….. “You never get something for nothing.” You don’t know how many times my father told me that. I tried for forty years to get something for nothing. Like life owed me. What a mistake. Thank you dad for being my everyday guru. Dad’s gone, I can’t tell him that personally…… Wilmer W.

    ………. Thank you, thank you, Wilmer. That is so perfect. Dad’s not gone. Tell him right now how much you appreciate him and his advice. He is in the very air you breathe….Rob


Hi Rob White,

Can you help me with this?  I am searching for things in the world that will really inspire me. I’m lost with this. Where should I begin?

Perhaps that’s a dumb question. Thank you, Jolene M.

Hi Jolene,

First off, Jolene, there is no such thing as a dumb question. Now down to business.

The greatest inspirations you’ll ever find are truths that you discover about your unlimited potential. It’s not a magnificent sunset off Key West; it’s not an incredible flower garden at the Palace de Versailles – it is when you discover those many hidden talents and strengths right inside of you and put them to practical use. 

Your intuitive nature, your superlatively creative imagination, your naturally ambitious tendency – all are incredibly inspirational when you use them in a practical manner, so they enhance your happiness and success in life. 

Nothing is more inspiring than that which conquers your feeling of inadequacy or unworthiness, and that comes from within. Motivation comes from “out there” and can only work short term. That which truly inspires you come from your own depth of self-understanding, and that can last forever. Here’s one: you are a rich and majestic child of infinite intelligence. Are you willing to accept that truth. When you do, wow does it ever inspire you.

Blessings to you Jolene, Rob


Hello folks, 

If the truly greatest inspirations are those things that are practical use and improve the quality of your life – what do you possess that’s practical? Is it your sense of humor, your wonderful compassion, your mood of inspirational dissatisfaction, your wonderful obsession with winning at your job or as a parent? You decide, and you provide what’s needed for you to live an inspiring life of happiness and success.

Love & blessings to all of you, Rob

Ps  Ideas that inspire you and are downright practical – that’s spirituality at its finest.


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