Frustration is a fabulous feeling

May 3, 2019 -- Posted by : Rob


Hello everyday, ordinary, unassuming guru seeking friends

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……… My mother always tells me that I have to take more chances if I want a brighter tomorrow. Is she being an ordinary guru for me? Thank you, Karen ………….

Absolutely, Karen, Your mom’s being a perfect unassuming guru with that tip!



Hi Mr. White

Every time I try something new, I get so frustrated that it discourages me. Then I quit. What would you recommend I do?

Thank you for helping me with this, Kaari

Hi Kaari,

Nothing drains a person’s optimistic spirit like frustration, unless you read it properly. Frustration is actually telling you that “You can do it” if you approach it intelligently, Kaari. Frustration is a signal that’s telling you to try something new. That is a very different feel than resignation, which is a feeling of giving up.

There was a person who loved to ski. She wanted to ski down steeper mountains with a lot of hairpin turns. When she tried, she fell constantly. She became very frustrated, until she realized the frustration was telling her that she had to put in more time to hone her skiing skills if she was to take on the more dangerous slopes. She proceeded to follow that inner urge, and her frustration quickly waned as her skiing skill improved.

Blessings to you Kaari, Rob


Hello folks,

What endeavor has you frustrated? What is the frustration trying to tell you. (1) Who do you have to be that you’re not being? (2) What skills do you have to hone? Your frustration is not discouraging you, it’s encouraging you.

Blessings & love to all of you, Rob

PS  People who grow up with a lot of frustration, grow a lot. Those who don’t, don’t grow so much.


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