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Commit to your intention, never to your decision (that’s what it is to be flexible in your approach)

Knowledge is head-stuff, Wisdom is experiential (it comes from doing)

To be in a good mood is to be in a God mood with zero limits

Those who are busy find themselves in a tizzy, they know not that the rope is attached to a galloping runaway horse

Success neither begins nor ends, but our visions do determine our trend toward or away from success

Does life step into me or do I step into life? Does life turn me around or do I turn my life around?

Only when you stop condemning yourself for your failures, can you get busy preparing to receive your successes

It is impossible to find abundance in your outer world until you feel abundant in your inner world, it’s called Absolute Responsibility

Your faith in life is ever measured by your trust in self. You are life! Turn to no one but yourself to feel fully alive


Truth is a place to go to learn what you need to know; it’s fresh power when you know that you don’t know

Be conscious of what you are doing in the moment you are doing it, and you’ll know your real motive

Pretending to be successful is not being successful; don’t allow that momentum to carry you forward; you’re fall backward

You are not a victim of faith; you are a victim of fate; your faith is your fate (what’s not to understand about that?)

Don’t believe in the future, believe the future in – you will win – for nothing evolves from you that’s not involved in you

There’s a big difference between holding an ideal and being held by an ideal; choose the latter, it will matter

The WOWful man sees his imaginal acts as facts, and then he acts from that. The woeful man sees his dreams as fiction, causing a lot of friction when trying to make them fact

Unless you are what you want your world to be about, you’ll never live in that world. Your identification precedes your manifestations


Walk in the consciousness of having what you want – that which was fiction will become your marvelous addiction. It will become fact.

To desire is to confess that you don’t possess – you rob yourself of “YES.” Desiring is saying, “I don’t have it,” causing havoc

Your faith in God is measured by your trust in yourself; God needs you to trust yourself if God is to express through you

Circumstances cannot harm you psychologically unless you fall into negative emotional reactions about them

You cannot want peace and want drama too; develop discernment to notice the difference

Some part of you other than your habitual self can rescue you. Your habitual self knows not how. It has too much invested

Those who do not seek the truth about themselves do not know that they do not seek that truth; hence, they’re stuck

There’s no way to attract a better life without stepping up and being a better individual – perfect harmony

The Law of Attraction is actually The Law of Projection – we attract what we send out there because our lives are reflections


If you want to attract a better friends you’ve got to be a better person – not that hard to figure out

The conditioned mind sees self-change as nerve-racking, but the creative mind knows better

The close minded person calls everyone stupid that doesn’t support what he believes

The ego consists of self-centered thinking, harsh judgmental feelings and nervous reactions – not a lot going on there

Trying to advance through life without insights is like trying to drive at night without headlights

Every person who lives in a trance put upon him by the media, insists that he or she is awake and conscious

If someone is mad at you and you’re NOT mad at them, you do not suffer the wounds of madness

It is not your duty nor within your power to make someone else happy; don’t feel guilty

Productive thinking turns into constructive thinking – that’s powerful thinking.


Consciousness is true conquest; let there be no war inside

We use profanity when we are to dumbfounded to come up with a better way of communicating

Creation is the art of making the invisible visible – your imaginal act becomes a physical fact

Do you know what happened when I was ignorant? My ignorance outwitted me at every turn

Making millions is not hard if you’re not at war with yourself about making millions. It’s an inside / out manifestation

The best way to progress is to collect corrections and apply personal reflections.

Hate not, hold no grudges, and immediately you will find that you are helping someone – YOURSELF

When you stop looking for a way to stop pushing at life, you stop pushing at life

Your future is determined by your felt visions, not by your plans and strategies


It’s not your duty to teach anyone who doesn’t want to be taught

Almost everyone who insists they know all there is to know about something – does not

Why guess at what your purpose is in life when you can simply decide?

All you need to know to begin succeeding is be honest with yourself about how much you’re procrastinating

My goodness, isn’t it apparent – delusion is confusion taken to the ultimate

We are our private conversations that we have with ourselves, not our public conversations that we have with others

If you find yourself wandering, turn within; direct your attention to stop the mental spin; now you’re ready to win

There an option to running from your fears; that’s to run directly toward them and watch them disappear

A mind whirling from life has only one real problem; it’s the whirling mind that’s the problem – relax


Emerson felt that mankind would be lucky to be as calm as a tree, growing gloriously w/out hesitancy

Faith is the substance of which all things are made; have faith that everything’s okay – that’s the wise way

The right turn if you want to win is to turn within and give exclusivity to your thoughts and feelings

The chipmunk always feels at home because it never loses itself, thus it wastes no time trying to find itself

When a person lusts for power, his anger grows nervous, and every target becomes his aim

Trying to please others drags you into resented duties that never prove satisfying

Simply by being deeply interested in success you increase your odds of succeeding

To the degree that you delude yourself into thinking you have all the answers, you argue vehemently to prove it, and lose touch with reality

Any time you feel confident in the present moment you learn that it is possible to face the future fearlessly


Each time you accept the past without regret you win a true victory that gives you confidence in the present

The more you admit that you “know not,” the greater your opportunities to learn what you need to know

The height of the reward of love is to never, never, ever judge

Never agree to any terms that promise enlightenment; enlightenment is never attained that way

Did you know that you can remain relaxed, no matter what? Really! No matter what. Relax about that

Do you know who argues the loudest? It’s those who insist they know but clearly don’t

We never see anyone for who they truly are when we demand that they be as we want them to be

Awaken to God; awaken to yourself; we are all God’s in a bod; stop pretending you’re not

Study poverty without being hypnotized by it and you will never die poor


When I erased my passionate desires about what I needed in order to be happy, I found it easy to be happy

Every effort to seek excellence in your smallest acts is rewarded greatly eventually, even when you can’t first notice

False rewards are thrills to the ego and pain to the soul

A new year’s resolution is not the words spoken; it’s the heartfelt emotion with which you speak

Nothing satisfies your deepest yearnings like the yearning to learn more about yourself

A productive life and leisurely life are found to work well together; interesting fact – let 2017 prove that

Erase your heavy imaginings of what you do not want and you create space for what you do want

A dazed man sees not the promises the future can bring – an awakened sets his sight and anticipates with delight

Be not attached to your past; focus on the future of which you dream and in which you wish to be seen

Study the world without being hypnotized by it; you will see that the world is merely an extension of your reality

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African Sunset by najeebkhan2009
Monarch by Justin Sinc
Zion Night Sky by Joe Parks
Purple Flower by aidken
Book by Juliette Culver
Night Road by Mick O.
Sunset on Rangiroa by World.Explorer
Love by Uditha
Meadow Pipit by Duncan Brown